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FAQ on Hormones and Cycle Tracking 


What is the importance of understanding hormones and cycle tracking for my health?

Understanding hormones and cycle tracking is essential for women’s health as it can help identify hormonal imbalances, optimize fertility, manage PMS, and improve overall well-being. MOST IMPORTANTLY, it helps you feel empowered by knowing what your body is doing, and enables you to make informed choices regarding your own health. 


How do hormones impact my menstrual cycle and overall health?

Hormones play a crucial role in regulating your menstrual cycle and affect various aspects of your health, including mood, energy levels, and reproductive health.


Can understanding my hormones help me manage PMS and other menstrual symptoms such as painful or heavy periods?

Yes, understanding your menstrual cycle can provide insights into hormonal imbalances and help you address issues like PMS and painful, heavy periods with targeted interventions. It can also give you data to discuss with your healthcare provider for better workup and treatment options.


How can I track my menstrual cycle and hormone fluctuations?

There are various methods for tracking your menstrual cycle and hormonal changes, including charting basal body temperature, cervical mucus observation, and hormone testing. I am certified in the FEMM method of cycle tracking. 


Can I track my cycle if my cycle is irregular or I have been told I have a condition such as PCOS?

Absolutely. Tracking the menstrual cycle provides insights and tools for women with irregular periods or hormonal imbalances, helping them better understand and manage their unique situations.


Can I track my cycle if I am on birth control?

If you are on hormonal birth control, there is a good chance you are not ovulating, or not having the same natural hormonal fluctuations throughout your cycle, making tracking inaccurate. However, it is still very valuable to learn what your body is doing for when you decide to come off of birth control.  You can focus on observing changes in cervical mucus and other non-hormonal signs to gain insights into your cycle’s patterns. 

Happy Clients

I could not recommend working with Krista more! She has a wealth of knowledge on female hormones, health and fertility that anyone would benefit from learning more about regardless of the stage of life you are in. Everything was very informative and enlightening. She also helped me feel very confident in understanding and charting my cycle to achieve fertility goals of both avoiding and achieving pregnancy. I am very thankful for all that I learned!


We deserve someone that will walk our individual journey with us and help us identify areas where we might need correcting and that is exactly what Krista is set out to do. I worked with Krista to learn about my cycle before I got married. I didn’t want to jump right into having a baby right away but also didn’t want to be on birth control. Krista taught me how to observe signs my body was telling me and helped me map out when I was fertile and when I wasn’t. I felt relieved knowing there was a way I could track my fertility and not suppress my body from its natural function. After charting for a couple of months I even had a random different weird cycle and I was able to quickly figure out what it meant. It was nice to first notice something abnormal and then have Krista as a resource I could reach out to. I strongly recommend learning what Krista has to offer and working with her to take charge of your health as a women. 


Krista helped me as a single woman understand my body, and gave me the power of knowledge when speaking to providers about my cycle including hard data with my cycle tracking. As a woman seeking to conceive, she provided excellent education to my husband about what that looked like as well as very frequent check ins with me while I was monitoring fertility, ovulation, etc. I credit Krista to my knowledge of women’s health, and our stress free experience of trying to conceive. She was always accessible, approachable, and judgment free to any and all questions and circumstances. I have and would recommend her to all women looking to increase their knowledge of their body and the amazing way it works. 


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