Your Hormone Health Starts Here.

Nurse Practitioner + Fertility Awareness Instructor helping women go from overwhelmed to EMPOWERED by their cycles.

Learn to navigate your cycle, understand your hormones, and optimize your overall and hormone health.

Better periods.

Less PMS.

More energy.

Natural fertility.



By UNDERSTANDING and WORKING WITH your cycle, you can:

  • navigate life’s physical, emotional, and mental challenges
  • optimize your productivity
  • cultivate a deeper connection with your body and its capabilities
  • feel like your best self

Ready to quit feeling in the dark when it comes to your periods, hormones, and fertility?

Let’s start with the FOUNDATIONS:


Education on HOW your menstrual cycle works and what the heck is going on with your hormones is the FOUNDATION necessary to build better health. Learn to track your unique cycle and identify what your body is telling you about your health and fertility.


Now that you are your own cycle expert, get equipped with the necessary nutrition + lifestyle tools for better hormone balance. Simple, yet consistent changes lead to better periods, less PMS, more energy, and a thriving YOU.


When you feel empowered by your menstrual cycle, you view it as a source of insight rather than inconvenience. You learn to listen to your body and its signals, helping you make informed decisions about self-care, productivity, and lifestyle. This knowledge allows you to harness the unique qualities of each phase—such as heightened focus during certain times and increased creativity during others.


Are you ready to to understand your body and take charge of your hormone health?

About Me

Hi! I’m Krista.

I am a nurse practitioner, wife, and mother- to name a few of the hats I wear.

My journey into the world of women’s health began when I recognized a substantial information gap that women navigate in today’s society. Witnessing the lack of education surrounding their own bodies and fertility, I was motivated to make a difference. Realizing that I needed to extend my reach beyond the clinic, I understood the importance of educating women outside those walls- so here we are!

As a dedicated nurse practitioner with specialized training in women’s health and hormones, I am passionate about guiding and empowering women on their journey to improved well-being. By harnessing the power of tracking ovulation cycles and understanding the intricacies of their bodies and hormones, we unlock the potential for more energy, reduced PMS symptoms, enhanced periods, and ultimately, healthier lives. I’m here to provide you with the knowledge and tools to take control of your health and experience the transformative benefits firsthand. Let’s embark on this empowering path together!


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